Public Liability

Policies are issued to indemnify the Insured against:

  • accidental injury to any person
  • accidental damage to property other than:

               a) property belonging to the Insured or in his custody or control

               b) property in the custody or control of any employee happening during the period of insurance

                   and cause in connection with the business of the Insured 

Extensions available:

  • defective sanitary installations
  • directors and officers visits abroad
  • fire and explosion liability
  • flood, fumes, or pollution liability (subject to specific limits)
  • food and drink poisoning
  • indemnity to directors, employees and executives
  • legal liability arising out of the ownership or possession or use by the Insured of hoists and/or lifts
  • legal liabilities for motor accidents from unlicensed and uninsured vehicles designed or adapted primarily for use as a tool
  • products liability
  • contingent liability (should a concessionaire's policy not perform or not be renewed)


  • depend on the nature of the business and the limit of indemnity required
  • quotations will be supplied on the basis of completed proposal forms